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  • Structured Water: Intentions & A New State of Water

    Explore the world of structured water, where health theories meet positive intentions for well-being. Join the journey guided by a therapist, unlocking the potential benefits and sparking transformation within. 

    Structured Water: Intentions & A New State of Water


    Let’s start this journey by talking about a central piece to the puzzle of your overall well-being, your heart, and how structured water begins from within you.


    The human heart pumps blood through your body, right? That’s what we’ve understood and been taught in the past.


    However, in recent years, a fascinating revelation has emerged challenging the conventional understanding of the human heart as a mere pump.


    Theories proposed by researchers suggest that rather than just a pump, the heart operates as a vortex machine.


    This paradigm shift in understanding also discusses the concept of structured water, a fourth state of water with unique properties, and its profound impact on our health.

    Structured Water: The Fourth State


    Human cells consist of about 70% water, and recent studies suggest a fourth state of water – structured water. This gel-like state, also known as the plasma state or exclusion zone, plays a crucial role in propelling blood through the cardiovascular system.


    Structured water forms the gel-like outer walls of blood vessels, creating an electrical push fueled by infrared energy, the earth’s electromagnetic field, and positive thoughts.


    The Power of Intention


    Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research experiments demonstrated that water exposed to positive human words and thoughts transforms into a hexagonal shape, indicating structural changes at a molecular level. This means that you can positively shift your thoughts and mindset to change the water structure within you and elevate your well-being.


    This insight suggests that our intentions can influence the structure of water in our bodies, revealing a new model where blood, not the heart, pumps the blood.


    Connecting with the earth, sunlight exposure, self-love, and positive human touch become essential in maintaining a strong and healthy blood flow.


    What are some of the benefits of structured water?


    ●      Increased Energy

    ●      Improved Concentration and Memory

    ●      Weight Management

    ●      Better Sleep Quality

    ●      Better Immunity

    ●      Detoxification

    ●      Better Digestion

    ●      Improved Skin Complexion and Circulation

    ●      Blood Sugar Stabilization


    Structured Water Filtration


    To harness the benefits of structured water, products like Analemma Water offer a solution. This filtration system creates structured water through a process that includes vortexing, magnetizing, and exposure to natural elements.


    Greenfield Water Solutions also offers cutting-edge solutions for transforming the water in your home through structured water systems.


    You can explore these innovative approaches to incorporating structured water into your daily life for your health and the betterment of those who share the water in your home.


    What does this mean for you today?


    The connection between water structure and health remains a compelling area for further research. As we continue to unlock the mysteries of our bodies, structured water stands as a captivating element that challenges our perceptions and invites us to explore new dimensions of our own health and well-being.


    There is a powerful connection to explore between our thoughts and intentions and our well-being.


    The connection between our consciousness and the molecular structure of water within our bodies opens a gateway to a new dimension of health. By embracing the idea that positive thoughts and intentions can influence the structure of water, we unlock a personalized approach to better health.


    As you sip on your structured water, consider the intentional act of nourishing your body not just with hydration, but with the positive energy that flows from your thoughts.


    This can be a journey that transcends conventional healing boundaries and invites you to explore the transformative power of your consciousness on the path to a healthier and more holistic life.

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