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  • Find healing that creates peace within you, so that you can create peace around you.

    Therapy for Individuals and Couples in California

    Welcome to Peace of Wisdom Therapy

    It’s time to find the peace of mind that you’ve been searching for.

    Deep, unhealed wounds from your past may be destroying your life and your relationship. But the desire to live wholeheartedly is within you, and it’s time to unlock it.

    We can’t heal emotional pain by avoiding it.

    The age-old saying that time heals all wounds isn’t true. It’s normal to want to push your feelings aside, but the only way to release the pain for good is to give it your attention and work through it.

    Therapy can give you the support you need.

    Stay in peace, Not in pieces

    Hi! I’m Paula Parra, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist.

    In this judgment-free space of therapy, I’m here to listen, encourage, and reassure you. Together, we’ll get to the root of your suffering and help you work through life’s challenges.

    Therapy with me offers a path to clarity, empowering you to take actions aligned with your goals. As you move through life, you’ll discover a sense of self-worth and adequacy.

    Healing begins with true love for yourself.

    For your time in therapy, we will create a treatment plan that considers your whole being that is customized according to your unique needs.

    I look forward to helping you cultivate:

    • Emotional Peace
    • Confidence
    • A deep love for yourself
    • Healthy relationships
    • A strong foundation for creating a better future

    I use an integrated approach to creating your unique treatment plan, including modalities like EMDR Therapy and mindfulness-based therapies.

    For questions about my rates and insurance, review this page- investment.

    To get started and discuss things further, text or call me at

    424-450-3911 or email me at [email protected]

    Healing on A Deeper Level

    It’s time to release overthinking, embrace vulnerability, and trust your instincts. Through therapy, you’ll uncover your true self, letting go of fears about the unknown.

    After our time in therapy together, you’ll:

    • Reduce anxiety and establish self-care routines.
    • Become less reactive and more adaptable.
    • Release resentment and embrace emotional and spiritual well-being.
    • Gain skills for healthy romantic relationships and meaningful connections.
    • Establish healthy boundaries and coping mechanisms for life’s challenges.
    • Overcome limiting beliefs hindering progress toward your desired life.

    As your therapist, I am committed to helping you recognize and recover from harmful habits and mindsets so that you can be the best version of yourself!

    Your journey to peace begins here. Let’s begin it together, today.

    Find inner healing that also helps heal the world around you.

    Colleague Testimonials

    It was more than a pleasure to work with Paula. During that time, I realized that she would always look outside the box and do what is best for her clients and co-workers. She is extremely well organized and adjusts to challenging situations seamlessly. I Co-Facilitated the following groups with Paula while working together at Compton Mental Health Clinic- Healthy Relationships for Women and Coping with Anxiety and Depression for Men. I saw first-hand her clinical and communication skills at use.  She displayed empathy and assisted with the clients’ work on solutions. Observing her was as an invaluable experience and has made me serve my clients in a more positive way.  Paula knows her work exceptionally well and is able to assist with individual adults, families, couples, teens, and young children

    Dina Mc Dowell, Medical Case Worker

    Paula and I worked closely together as colleagues at the LA County Department of Mental Health from 2009-2011.  Together we created and ran a trauma group, which greatly benefitted the group’s participants.  Paula always created a safe space for her clients to express themselves and was effectively able to assist her clients in the healing process.  Paula is knowledgeable in many different therapeutic approaches and is skilled at discerning how to use this knowledge to help her clients meet their goals.  She has much empathy for others and uses her intuition well.  She is also a reliable and ethical professional whom I give the highest recommendation.

    Andrea Guido, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

    I have known and worked with Paula since 2015 at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. Paula is a wonderful and insightful clinician. She is both professional and compassionate. Her experience coupled with her insight, integrity and ethics combined with her experience in crisis work as well as individual, and group therapy work, make her a first-rate therapist. I would highly recommend her to any mental health organization and most definitely as a personal therapist.

    Marylouise BarrosNiska, PhD., LMFT

    I worked with Paula at The Los Angeles County Compton Family Mental Health Clinic from 2012 to 2015. Paula was an individual therapist to many of my substance abuse counseling clients who were dually diagnosed. The transformative work my clients achieved through working with Paula in individual therapy was evident in the way they participated in my treatment groups, providing excellent input and encouragement to other clients in recovery from addiction and struggling with mental health issues. Paula is kind, attentive, patient, and a great listener; all qualities that go together to make her a phenomenal therapist I highly recommend.

    Darren Day, Substance Abuse Counselor