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    Healing on A Deeper Level

    You don’t need a mental health diagnosis to receive help.

    My mission is to help you develop new skills and strategies for living a healthy and fulfilled life. I aim to help you connect with your inner truth and support you in your journey of healing your heart, mind, and body.

    Throughout my intensive workshops and individualized therapy sessions, I can help you work through a wide range of mental health issues including but not limited to depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship conflicts.

    Let’s work together to:

    • discover the root of the patterns that create suffering.
    • release harmful habits and mindsets, and
    • restore emotional and psychological balance to your life.

    More About Paula Parra

    Welcome to Peace of Wisdom Therapy! I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Paula Parra. From a very early age, I realized we all have a different journey to walk through in this life.

    The dynamics within my home life while I was a child and adolescent were challenging and created a template of belief that life would be hard, impossible to live well, and that I had no control over what happened to me.

    Spirituality has always been very important to me and a primary reason for how I have overcome many hardships and challenges throughout my life. Dance and art are also both near and dear to my heart. Luckily, both of those and my spirituality have served as therapeutic outlets for me in times when I needed a healthy escape or when I just needed to fulfill my creative desires.

    Also, through continuous education, new experiences, and my own healing process in mental health treatment, I learned to create the life I wanted instead of allowing what society said life would be like for me based on my beginnings.

    We all have a story and journey that leads us down different paths in life. With gratitude and honor, I now serve others as a psychotherapist. I am fortunate to be in a profession I believe is meaningful and brings tremendous value to the lives of others.

    My approach as a psychotherapist will create a calming space where you can openly share and go deep. I want to help you create emotional peace and the highest quality of wellness in your life.

    My Therapy Style

    We were all made to thrive, experience joy, and be magnificent, but somehow different circumstances in life cast a shadow over our brilliance. Reaching out to access mental health services can be intimidating. At times, it takes tremendous courage to seek help.

    Some therapeutic methods focus on coping rather than healing. I truly believe in the importance of healing past and present wounds to remove any power they could be holding over you, draining your life of energy and peace. Resolving pain from past wounds will make you thrive and not just cope.

    Using evidence-based practices and techniques proven to be effective, I facilitate a process between me and my client, forging an important relationship of trust and genuine compassion. In this safe space, we can start by developing the solutions that improve your quality of life.

    Some of the treatment modalities I utilize are as follows: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    I have a relaxed, yet focused approach in helping you learn all you need to have a smoother balance between your thoughts and emotions. You can think of me as a benevolent guide who helps you face emotional pain from your past or present so that you can connect with the healing source inside of you.

    Through our work together, you will uncover your exuberance and become skillful at resolving emotional and mental distress, allowing you to be your best self and love the life you are living.

    Interested in moving forward to the next step of being a joyful, fulfilled version of yourself? Therapy can help.

    Schedule a free phone consultation with me today.

    Questions with My Answers

    What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

    Initially, I wanted to become a service coordinator at a Regional Center because one of my brothers is developmentally disabled, and he was a client of the Harbor Regional Center in Los Angeles. I saw how helpful all the different Regional Center social workers were to our family and this inspired me to become a social worker.

    Later, I changed my path to become a psychotherapist because I enjoyed the process of helping people get through difficult mental health challenges. After witnessing how significantly peoples’ lives were changed for the better through having mental health services, I blend skills from both disciplines and strive to make the same impact.

    How do you approach diversity in the room or working with clients who may come from a different background than you?

    Being that I worked with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health for many years, I have extensive experience working with people who are from different cultural backgrounds than me. I am inclined to address cultural differences upfront in an open and compassionate way.

    I invite you to tell me about how things are in your culture, how those things have influenced your beliefs and behaviors, and whether you have any concerns about working with someone who is of a different culture from yours.

    I truly believe in openly discussing difficult issues ingenuously; acknowledging and allowing space for differences to exist in the same place without shame or judgment.

    How will our relationship be different than relationships I have with friends/loved ones?

    We have a therapeutic relationship where I have no subjective opinion about your life choices, your thoughts, or your emotions; unlike friends and loved ones. I can be seen as a benevolent guide who will openly and honestly help you process difficult feelings; helping you identify barriers that keep you from what you want out of your life, providing encouragement in your process of creating solutions for improving the quality of your life circumstances.

    How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why?

    Primarily, I keep most information about my personal life private. There may be times during our time together that there is a clinical reason to share personal information, for example in a situation where it helps you relate with me more as your therapist or if the information applies to help you understand more clearly something you are learning about coping skills and how to implement these skills into your life.


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