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  • 6 Great Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Bond

    Love is a beautiful thing, and there’s nothing more amazing than feeling the bond you share with your partner get stronger.

    If you’re in a happy relationship, you can keep it that way by introducing a few new things into your relationship.

    Here are 6 evidence-based approaches that will help you enjoy a more fulfilling connection.

    1. Listen– Make a sincere effort to listen to your partner, especially when they’re talking about something that relates to your relationship. Listen to know what they’re saying not just to give a response. This helps your partner feel like you value the relationship and care about them deeply.

    2. Appreciate your partner– Think about something your partner does that

    makes your life easier, especially something you view as their responsibility,

    such as paying their share of the bills. Thank them sincerely for it. This might

    feel weird since it’s something they need to do anyway, but it makes them feel


    Take 5 minutes to say something like ‘I appreciate you for working hard so you can afford to help pay the bills.’ Watch out for the huge smile on their face afterwards.

    3. Schedule quiet time– In today’s world it’s incredibly hard to focus on one thing.

    At least once a week, turn off all electronic devices and participate in an activity

    you both enjoy. You could watch your favorite movie, massage each other, or

    play a board game or some other engaging game, like The Ungame for Couples. This gives you time to enjoy each other and connect on a deeper level.

    4. Do random acts of kindness often– Do things that will make your partner feel

    important and loved often. It can be as simple as making their favorite

    breakfast, creating a playlist, or sending them a love note via email.

    Research shows that these little ways of showing affection accumulate and have a bigger impact on couple happiness than infrequent grand gestures.

    5. Show empathy– Always take your partner’s feelings seriously, even when you

    feel like they’re irrational. When you find it difficult to empathize, take a deep

    breath and remind yourself that their feelings are important.

    6. Communicate healthily– Good communication skills help your relationship thrive. This means, asking your partner what they need, and telling them what you need as well. Check in with them regularly to ensure they’re feeling good, and learning to argue in a way that doesn’t hurt your relationship further.

    The Gottman Method softened startup is a great way to go about telling your partner about something that concerns or bothers you.

    If you would like to improve your relationship and strengthen the bond between you and significant other, even more, you can book a relationship counseling session with me. Contact me for a free phone consultation to find out if I’m the right Therapist for you and your partner.

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