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    Therapy for Teens

    Is your teen under a lot of stress? Does it seem like your child is not as happy as they once did? Wondering what’s going on in their world, but can’t seem to figure things out?

    Teenage years are a combination of great fun, blooming freedom, trying to fit in with peers, and a tremendous amount of stress.

    During adolescence, your child’s hormone levels are skyrocketing, making them feel emotionally out of control and they may be acting out more often than before.

    Your teen may also feel a greater need to perform well academically and fit into social circles.

    Being overwhelmed by all these different stressors can take its toll on your teen’s mental health, family relationships, and overall well-being.

    Your teen may be facing any of these serious life challenges that impact their mental health and well-being:

    • Loss – Loss can come in the form of a death of a loved one, including a pet, and it can also come in the form of parental separation or divorce.

    Loss also happens when your family moves to a new location and your teen must go to a new school. The unknown is often anxiety provoking for anyone, including your child.

    • Stress – A little stress is normal in life and can even be motivating. But too much stress can cause burnout at any age.

    Your teen may be facing tremendous amounts of stress to do well in school, hold down a job, and be accepted by their peers.

    • Violence – You may not know that your child is being bullied at school or at home, and they are not telling you or anyone else, leaving them to suffer alone.

    If the issue of bullying is not dealt with, the aftermath of violence can result in your child experiencing trauma related symptoms.

    This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why your child may want to speak with a therapist.

    Here Are Some of the Best Types of Therapy for Teens:

    There are three general types of therapy for teens experiencing mental health issues:

    1. Individual Therapy

    In these private, one-on-one sessions, I will be using different therapeutic interventions to help your teen further explore their emotions and identify healthy ways they can problem solve and find relief from emotional distress.

    1. Group Therapy

    Group therapy can be very effective because it allows your teen to the chance to learn to handle their problems in a supportive setting among peers. A group therapy setting helps your teen see they are not alone and reaching out for help is a healthy way to get their needs met.

    1. Family Therapy

    In family therapy sessions, you, your child, and other family members participate in therapy together. One of the many benefits of family therapy is that it gives your family the chance to communicate effectively and respectfully.

    Each of you will be seen, heard, and understood as you work on finding the best solutions for resolving conflict and emotional distress.

    It’s very common to use a combination of all three of these types of therapy to best help your child address and resolve mental health challenges.

    If your teen is struggling right now, therapy can help. Reach out to me so we can begin working together to help your child and your family get on track in a better direction where you all have emotional peace and wellness.