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  • Narcissism vs. Self-Confidence

    Many people throw around the term “narcissist” very casually, using it to describe an individual with high self-esteem rather than one who actually has narcissistic personality disorder. Below, I explain what narcissism is and how it differs from self-confidence.

    What Is Narcissism?

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition characterized by an excessive need to feel important and impress other people. Narcissistic individuals often:

    • Have an inflated sense of self-worth
    • Believe that they’re superior to others
    • Feel that they’re entitled to be treated in a special way
    • Fantasize about having success, power, beauty, and intelligence
    • Envy other people’s success
    • Exploit their friends and family members
    • Lack empathy
    • Act like snobs, treating others in a condescending manner

    Although this description gives off the impression a person who is narcissistic is filled with too much self-love, this is actually far from the truth. Many people with an over enhanced quality of narcissism in their character internally doubt and criticize themselves, which can cause them to become preoccupied with being admired and knowing what others think about them.

    Before you have complete contempt for individuals who have a pronounced sense of self importance, hold on a moment.

    A good amount of the personality is cultivated by the environment you are exposed to in the womb as well as that of the homelife and surrounding environment (outside the home) you have growing up.

    Infants and young children have no filter to discern what to keep and what to ignore when it comes to the harmful messages and low frequencies of energy they are exposed to. Some are unable to be untouched by the lack of love and negativity they receive in their environment, and thus grow to perpetually seek love and admiration in an unhealthy manner that earns them the label Narcissist.

    How Narcissism Differs From Self-Confidence

    ✨It’s important to have a healthy sense of self-confidence, but when does that cross over into narcissism? Self-confident individuals reasonably believe in their own capabilities but also recognize that others have value, too.

    Narcissists, on the other hand, tend to be centered only on themselves and neglect to consider others’ importance. This way of relating was likely generated from the environment they had growing up where the caregiver(s) in their life did not consider their needs and only focused on their own.

    Learn More About Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    If you think you might be in a relationship with someone who is narcissistic—or if you have a loved one with narcissistic personality disorder—Therapy can support you in getting the reassurance you need to heal and recover.

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