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    5 Reasons Why Music is Considered as an Expression of Self-Care

    Music is not a cure for mental health problems, but it helps us cope with life uncertainties in daily life. There are many reasons why music is said to be the expression of self-care in times of loneliness and depression, let’s explore five of them:

    Music Expresses Our Feelings

    Music is a gift that connects to our feelings even when we are not ready to express them with others. Sometimes you don’t feel like talking to people because you feel they will not understand you. Music has its way of speaking to its listeners. Music helps its listeners to feel connected when they don’t feel like communicating or don’t have words to express. Listening to some songs is a source of validation, especially when lyrics express what we feel in words. Music is a source of validation for our feelings, which makes it a tool for self-care.

    It Never Discriminates

    No matter your racial, social, religious, and sexual orientation, music is for you. Music doesn’t discriminate; instead, it connects everyone via metaphors, lyrics, rhythms, beats, etc. You don’t need to learn musical instruments to take the advantage of music therapy. This therapy helps you heal when you utilize your senses in becoming aware of the musical elements.


    At times of loneliness and isolation, people are drawn to music because it makes them feel empowered. In the face of life uncertainties music makes us feel worthy. It removes any sense of doubt and lack of confidence we feel in the process of self-talk while you listen to the music. It brings feelings of joy, strength, and comfort, which is necessary to stabilize our minds. By eliminating the negative feelings of failure, self-doubt, and insecurities, music brings positivity through constructive self-talk and expressions.

    Connectedness/ Oneness

    Have you heard the songs where the singer is expressing what you are going through? Yes, it happens because humans go through similar experiences that make them feel that they are alone. Music is a way to feel connectedness through feelings and emotions through song lyrics. When the singer talks about what’s actually happening with you, it makes you feel that you are not alone. This is the gift of song lyrics that they don’t only share the problems but at times they talk about how to cope with them. Besides similar problems in this shared connection, the listener can also have similar solutions for their problems. For instance, it is enough to know how others are confident in them self and feel they are worthy even after the break-up.

    Mindfulness and Balance

    Music brings peace to our mind, which helps us to become aware of the present moment. When you are free in your mind, it’s easy to let go of the negative emotions and internalize positivity. We can balance our emotions and feelings. The physiological, emotional, and neurological benefits of musical vibrations are known to us through science and technology. Science also taught us how music helps us process emotions and thoughts which makes it an effective therapy.


    Music is a lighter way to express heavy emotions. This is why people have separate playlists for different moods. Music therapy heals us by making us feel empowered, connected, and mindful. It has a way of becoming an expression of our feelings in various life circumstances.